Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Utility Bellhop?

    Utility Bellhop is a NO-COST Utility Connection Service provided to new & existing homebuyers, homeowners, and renters. We are partnered with every available provider in the US for the following services: Electricity, Water, Natural Gas, TV, Internet, Home Phone, & Home Security. Not only will we save you a massive amount of time – we also GUARANTEE that you will save at least 10-15% on your utility costs just by using our no-cost service.

  • How can Utility Bellhop help me?

    Utility Bellhop can help homebuyers, homeowners, and/or renters in many ways.

    For anyone in the process of moving, whether buying or renting a new home/apt, we research all available providers at their new home for all utilities and we also make sure they receive the very best pricing available for each service, as well! What would otherwise require 7-10 phone calls and more than 3-4 hours of your time has been condensed into one 10 minute phone call.

    For existing homeowners/renters, we complete all of the same research on all services to optimize savings for anyone that is currently paying too much for their utilities. One quick 10 minute call can save you up to $1,000+ per year!

  • How does Utility Bellhop make money if our service is free?

    Great question! Utility Bellhop is partnered with every available Electricity, Water, Gas, TV, Internet, Phone, & Home Security provider in the US, so when we setup your services with each respective provider our company is paid a small referral fee, which allows us to provide our service absolutely free of charge!

  • Can't I just setup everything on my own and find the same pricing?

    You CAN setup everything on your own, but 99.9% of the time you will end up paying as much as 10-15% more on your utility services when/if doing everything on your own. The reason for this is two-fold – 1. As of Feb 2020, UB currently assists 800-1200 new customers every month. Therefore, due to the volume of orders that we process, we receive ‘bulk-pricing’ that we pass on directly to our customers. 2. All of our Utility Bellhops are experts in all things utilities, so we know how to discern subtle, but costly, differences between each provider & the packages that they provide. For example, electricity pricing in Texas is notoriously confusing, so it is very plausible to think you’re receiving an incredible rate initially… until your first bill comes in the mail and you end up being charged significantly more than expected. This type of situation will NEVER happen when using Utility Bellhop!

  • How did Utility Bellhop receive my information?

    UB partners with over 10,000 Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Insurance Agents, Title Companies, Moving Companies, etc. These companies offer our no-cost service to their clients to help make the moving process exponentially easier.

  • Will I get one combined bill from Utility Bellhop with all of my services?

    UB does NOT provide the billing on any of your accounts that we set up for you. All billing statements and payments will go directly through each respective provider.

    However, we do often mention ‘Bundling’ your services with UB to receive even larger discounts. This simply means that we are able to provide larger discounts by ‘bundling’ your services with UB or in other words, you are receiving a larger discount for simply establishing all parts of your ‘Bundle’ through Utility Bellhop. Alternatively, if you were to establish any part of the proposed bundle directly through the provider yourself, then the discounted pricing through UB wouldn’t apply.

    UB frequently offers financing on additional home security & automation equipment. In this case, customers would receive a monthly statement based on pre-approved payment terms.

  • What's the catch with the Free Ring Doorbell/$100 Visa Gift Card offer?

    There is literally no catch whatsoever! All you have to do is schedule a call and use our no-cost service to establish your utility services and we will send your choice of either a Free Ring Doorbell or a $100 Visa Gift Card. Simple as that!

    *All Ring Doorbell’s/Gift Cards are shipped out 4-6 weeks after your services are connected. The only exception to this rule is when/if a Home Security System is part of your order and you selected the Free Ring Doorbell, as your Ring Doorbell will be installed at the same time as your Home Security install.

  • What if my closing/move-in date is postponed and UB has already setup my services?

    This is no problem at all! All you will need to do is simply reach out to your Utility Advisor -or- the UB Order Support Dept via email ([email protected]) or text (214.586.0124) and provide your name, address, and new closing/move-in date and we will immediately contact each provider to update your connection/installation dates/times.

  • I would like to sign-up to become a UB Referral Partner - What do I need to do?

    Thank you for your interest in partnering with Utility Bellhop! Simply click here and enter the requested information. Once that has been submitted, our Manager of Partner Relations will approve your account within an hour. You will then receive a Partner Welcome E-Mail w/ all necessary information, including a video walkthrough on how to login, submit referrals, track referral status, view which services your referral setup, and track your referral payments.

    UB has the distinction of having the most lucrative Referral Partner program in our industry, along with a beautiful & easy to use Referral Partner portal, as displayed below.

    For more information, please give us a call at 214-586-0124 opt 4, which will direct you to our Partner Relations Manager.




The average person will make 7 calls and spend nearly 3 hours on the phone setting up their utilities. With us it only takes 1 call and 10 minutes!

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